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Back on the air

May 14, 2012

Sorry for all the static folks. Personal and financial setbacks have forced me to put the project on hold for a while. Rest assured it is not dead, just delayed, and will be getting back up and running in the near future, with perhaps a slight shift in direction, but we’ll see when we get there 🙂 [I know I said this before, but this time I mean it… I promise!]

Also, while I initially planned on having this blog for the laser rebuild project only, I’ve decided to expand my content and include some of the other projects I’m working on [or rather planning to], or dreaming up 🙂 I will mostly keep the projects centric around making, or tools for making (like the laser), to keep a general theme for the blog. This will help keep some form of content flowing for the few of you that are following along, and allow me to document some more of the things that interest me.

Stay tuned, more to come!


In the meantime

February 8, 2012

Here is another LASER re-build I’m somewhat involved with.

It’s a *slightly* larger scale than the one I personally have. 😉


The Living Dead

February 3, 2012

Okay it’s been quite a while since I last posted. The project has come to a bit of a standstill, only due to a lack of time, and budget. The holidays were busier than I had expected, and I had a car accident between Christmas and New Years which ate into my budget for buying parts. So while things are on hold for the moment, the project is far from dead. I’m still working on various solutions for some aspects, and will be posting again soon. I also expect  the actual re-build process to start in the near future. So please hang in there, the ride is about to start.


The Adventure Begins…

October 24, 2011

For years I’ve been dreaming of having an industrial laser cutter. I would get envious of everyone that I came across that had one. Wasn’t sure what I would do with one if I had it, but having something that cuts with photons is just so irresistible to a geek like me. I’m one of those people that is constantly dreaming of cool things to build, only to be stopped by the thought of lacking the necessary tools or budget to make it happen. That little voice in the back of my head kept saying “If only I had a laser cutter…”

All that is about to change (hopefully). This blog is an attempt to document my challenges, successes (and I’m sure some failures), as I go through the process of refurbishing an old beat-up industrial laser.